Rochester NY Birthday Party – Movie Themed 

About a month and a half ago I started to try to plan my oldest daughters (BG3) seventh birthday party. I don’t know what goes on in everyone else’s house hold but my kids start planning their birthday parties 364 days out, and it changes 364 times. So I never know what to expect when I ask them what they want.

She wanted a movie themed birthday party. I was like… AMAZING… we can do it AT the movie theatre.


BG3- “But Mom if we do it at the movie theatre I can’t have an ice cream sundae bar! You can just set up a movie theatre in the basement and Grandma can make a movie theatre themed cake”

Well she just had it all figured out for me.

It was actually pretty awesome to design a party for one of my girls that didn’t have any pink in it. What was even more awesome was that it was Oscar night the day after the party, so all the decorations in Target were Oscar/Movie themed. So I took some of those, added a few more things, repurposed a few and voila, movie themed birthday party.




Oh and how cute are the marquee letters, Michaels for the win.

As you can see we had a plethora of pillows and blankets for the kids to watch the movie (Despicable Me 2). Once the craziness of the food, cake and presents was over I was able to sit back and just listen to them laugh hysterically at the movie. A pretty great #mommoment.


My mother in law was able to pull off an amazing cake, all the kids were so excited that there was pop corn on the cake. One actually complained when his piece didn’t have any on it (we were scraping it off because we figured they wouldn’t want it).

Also for dessert we had the infamous ice cream sundae bar.

Each of the kids was able to take home a box of candy from the “Concession Stand” a pop corn container (thanks to the $1 section at Target) and a “Hollywood Walk of Fame” handprint.

Lily-022115-184827 Lily-022115-184953

When the party is over, all the kids have gone home and your oldest daughter thanks you for such a “really awesome party Mom”, there is nothing greater.


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