Punta Cana Wedding – Trash the Dress Session

When the you are in Punta Cana and the brides asks you where and what to do for her trash the dress, the ocean is the obvious answer, and when your friends are there as well, of course they should join. Of course we had to add on some another trash session, in the pool, because it was there and we were having fun.

Nothing like a good frolic in the water.

frolic2(Photo credit Boris Kilimnik)

(Photo credit Boris Kilimnik)

(Photo credit Boris Kilimnik)

You know just throwing left over rose petals (they are real so we are not polluting the world FYI).

(Photo credit Boris Kilimnik)

(Photo credit Boris Kilimnik)

The best shots (IMO) came after the beach, right into the pool. The faces could never be replicated even if we tried.

(Photo credit Boris Kilimnik)

(Photo credit Boris Kilimnik)

(Photo credit Boris Kilimnik)

last group

(Photo credit Boris Kilimnik)

And last but not least because we needed to get our money worth, there was champagne, because we had some left over.

(Photo credit Boris Kilimnik)


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