Rochester NY Wedding – Eileen and Nate

I know Eileen because her big sister is my best friend. So I can honestly say I got to see this engagement from the start to the finish as I was at her sisters house the night Eileen got engaged to Nate and was able to see the ring on the first day they were engaged.

Eileen and Nate are probably one of the most relaxed couples I have ever had the pleasure to work with. They honestly just wanted to have a big party, and them getting married was a great excuse and wow what a party it was.

The timeline for this wedding was so relaxed! We started the day with the girls getting ready and Eileen’s parents house.


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We moved on to Plantation Party House for a gorgeous ceremony. It was blazing hot as we thought it would be so we had adorable fans for programs.


How much these two love each other and have such a unique relationship is so apparent and amazing to witness.

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Of course there was the party afterward, in which no one was sitting and everyone was dancing. Seriously how fun are these guys!

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That little guy in the corner I even got to drive around for the 30 minutes to put him to sleep so his mama (my best friend) could keep dancing. Your welcome Erin 🙂 Thank you thank you Eileen and Nate for allowing me to be a part of your day. I had a blast!

All above photo’s courtesy of Ryan Ballinger Photography. You rock!


Boston MA Event – Signature Drinks at #partyattheharrisco

My sister-in-law and brother have a pretty amazing gig going on in Boston. They take pictures and video of some of the most gorgeous people and they love their job. They decided to do a brand launch for The Harris Company their newly combined company. The party went off without a hitch. Food was delicious and the signature drinks were on point.

So on to the signature drinks.

I wanted two choices, because two is always better than one. Plus since this was in November, they also needed to be fall drinks, rich colors and flavors. Makayla and David like gin and tonic, so I wanted to do a play on that. We named them “The Selfie” and “The Mugshot”, aren’t we clever….


Cinnamon is a great flavor especially for the fall, and prosecco is just more delicious than tonic. After a cursory google search I found this Cinnamon and Pear Fizz . The simple syrup and pear puree were made the night before, leaving the cinnamon stick in but removing the rosemary, to give the simple syrup that much more cinnamon flavor. That way the next day the everything just needed to be combined, quick and easy.


Next was a whiskey drink. Nothing says warm and cozy like whiskey. Also I love ginger, and apparently so does everyone else because Moscow Mules are so popular right now. I did a slightly modified version of a “Horses Neck”.

1.5 oz Jameson
2 shakes of bitters
Top with ginger beer and a twist of lemon



Finger Lakes Wedding – Banging Entertainment

Entertainment for your guests is a must have. While a DJ or band used to be the go to and still is, other forms of entertainment add to the uniqueness of your event. The past couple of years the photo booth has been extremely popular, but my new favorite especially for the summer months is fireworks.

They are romantic, highly entertaining and who doesn’t love a light show?! Here in Upstate New Yoke we have Majestic Fireworks which services, Syracuse, the Finger Lakes and Rochester. What is awesome about Majestic Fireworks is that they do it all for you. All you have to do is tell them what you want and they communicate with your venue, set up licensing and set off the fireworks, making it so you can enjoy your event. Check out their display from a couple of weeks ago!