Rochester NY Oak Hill Wedding

This wedding started and ended at Oak Hill in Rochester NY and was gorgeous from start to finish. From the big to little details, it was all there. Add in that it was the first wedding of the season for us… perfection.

Lets start with the gorgeous and move from there…. The veil and dress gaaaahhhhh.

Photo Credit: Natalie Sinisgalli Photography
Photo Credit: Natalie Sinisgalli Photography


You can see the full effect here when she was going to do a first look with her father. Huge props to Natalie for this shot. It is one of my favorites.

Photo Credit: Natalie Sinisgalli Photography

Ahhh the anticipation… I love a first look!

The wedding ceremony was held at  Linehan Chapel, beautiful inside and out!

Photo Credit: Natalie Sinisgalli Photography


The details for this wedding were to die for… The head table had napkins that were embroadiered with their initials. Such a great idea, as they can take them home and use again for all the future family dinner parties.

Photo Credit: Natalie Sinisgalli Photography

Champagne makes people happy, champagne bars… even happier.

Photo Credit: Natalie Sinisgalli Photography
Photo Credit: Natalie Sinisgalli Photography

Doesn’t get much more regal and romatic as this!

Photo Credit: Natalie Sinisgalli Photography
Photo Credit: Natalie Sinisgalli Photography

Desert by the amazing, five of each please. The Groom went to Villinova, so Scratch came up with this dessert display as the grooms cake.

Photo Credit: Natalie Sinisgalli Photography

Orient Express kept everyone moving all night long, including the bride and groom who pretty much didn’t leave the dance floor all night.

Photo Credit: Natalie Sinisgalli Photography
Photo Credit: Natalie Sinisgalli Photography

Late night snacks finished the night off.

Photo Credit: Natalie Sinisgalli Photography
Photo Credit: Natalie Sinisgalli Photography

Seriously there was not a detail that wasn’t addressed. Such a fun day, great weather, great company and above all an amazing couple.


Rochester NY Wedding – Eileen and Nate

I know Eileen because her big sister is my best friend. So I can honestly say I got to see this engagement from the start to the finish as I was at her sisters house the night Eileen got engaged to Nate and was able to see the ring on the first day they were engaged.

Eileen and Nate are probably one of the most relaxed couples I have ever had the pleasure to work with. They honestly just wanted to have a big party, and them getting married was a great excuse and wow what a party it was.

The timeline for this wedding was so relaxed! We started the day with the girls getting ready and Eileen’s parents house.


7G3A2912 7G3A2918 7G3A2930 7G3A2935 7G3A3017 7G3A3036 7G3A3065

We moved on to Plantation Party House for a gorgeous ceremony. It was blazing hot as we thought it would be so we had adorable fans for programs.


How much these two love each other and have such a unique relationship is so apparent and amazing to witness.

7G3A3434 7G3A3493 7G3A3560

Of course there was the party afterward, in which no one was sitting and everyone was dancing. Seriously how fun are these guys!

7G3A3861 7G3A3897 7G3A4173 IMG_8436

7G3A3242 7G3A3248



That little guy in the corner I even got to drive around for the 30 minutes to put him to sleep so his mama (my best friend) could keep dancing. Your welcome Erin 🙂 Thank you thank you Eileen and Nate for allowing me to be a part of your day. I had a blast!

All above photo’s courtesy of Ryan Ballinger Photography. You rock!

Rochester NY Wedding: Westminster Chapel and Hall 

Let’s just start off with I love my job. Seriously there is nothing more satisfying than working with a couple for a year+, getting to be a part of their day, and have it go well. It is a trifecta that I will never get sick of.

We had a jammed packed day. My schedule at points was planned in 5 minutes increments, but at the end of the day it went off on time! (One person party over here).

Thank you thank you Shana and Max for letting me be a party of your special day!!!

I found this old sewing chest and repurposed it to a cute card box.
Gold chargers, enough said.
Come on how cute is he!
Love the sign!


Bubble exit!
When Shana asked me to plan her wedding, this is the first project I did. So happy that I could be a part of it!
Shana was an Irish dancer when she was younger, and her dad surprised her with an Irish dancing performance, she even joined in. Check it out she is dancing in those heels!
Another of my projects, the gold cake table.

953 968(All the above photos taken by Chris Ocean Photography)

Punta Cana Wedding – Trash the Dress Session

When the you are in Punta Cana and the brides asks you where and what to do for her trash the dress, the ocean is the obvious answer, and when your friends are there as well, of course they should join. Of course we had to add on some another trash session, in the pool, because it was there and we were having fun.

Nothing like a good frolic in the water.

frolic2(Photo credit Boris Kilimnik)

(Photo credit Boris Kilimnik)

(Photo credit Boris Kilimnik)

You know just throwing left over rose petals (they are real so we are not polluting the world FYI).

(Photo credit Boris Kilimnik)

(Photo credit Boris Kilimnik)

The best shots (IMO) came after the beach, right into the pool. The faces could never be replicated even if we tried.

(Photo credit Boris Kilimnik)

(Photo credit Boris Kilimnik)

(Photo credit Boris Kilimnik)

last group

(Photo credit Boris Kilimnik)

And last but not least because we needed to get our money worth, there was champagne, because we had some left over.

(Photo credit Boris Kilimnik)

Punta Cana Wedding – Fire in Paradise

So when of your best friends is getting married and you get to help plan it there is literally nothing more exciting…. Or terrifying lol.

Next best thing, the couple decides to have a destination wedding. I definitely jumped around my living room when they said they wanted to go some where tropical. Beach wedding?! Yes please.

Last but not least when I suggest a fire show (because seriously what could be more awesome) they were completely on board. Granted I knew that Brandy would be down with it because she is awesome and likes my ideas, and what guy doesn’t like fire?? So thanks Shou and Brandy for trusting me with this awesome experience, can’t wait for the next party! I am thinking five year anniversary party in Europe, I will start planning it now 🙂

(Photo credit Boris Kilimnik)

(Photo credit Boris Kilimnik)

(Photo credit Boris Kilimnik)

Finger Lakes Wedding – It’s in the details

You want your special occasions to be just that… yours. When your guests come to your event you want them to see personal touches that show your likes and style. The best part is that it doesn’t take much to make your event special.

Here in Rochester and Finger Lake area we have a lot of voracious sports fans. Adding the Buffalo Bills theme song to the wedding song list is almost a must around here. Syracuse Orangemen garters and themed favors also add just enough sports theme without overwhelming the entire wedding or event.

It can be as easy as adding a quote from your wedding song as part of the décor.

quote (photo credit Janelle Rodriguez Photography)

The bride and grooms initials in a central position.

initials (photo credit Janelle Rodriguez Photography)

Or some adorable foot wear and chair decor.
boots (photo credit Janelle Rodriguez Photography)

chairs (photo credit Janelle Rodriguez Photography)

Unique personal touches like these help make your event personal, not generic, and your special event memorable, for you, yourself and your guests.

Finger Lakes Wedding – Banging Entertainment

Entertainment for your guests is a must have. While a DJ or band used to be the go to and still is, other forms of entertainment add to the uniqueness of your event. The past couple of years the photo booth has been extremely popular, but my new favorite especially for the summer months is fireworks.

They are romantic, highly entertaining and who doesn’t love a light show?! Here in Upstate New Yoke we have Majestic Fireworks which services, Syracuse, the Finger Lakes and Rochester. What is awesome about Majestic Fireworks is that they do it all for you. All you have to do is tell them what you want and they communicate with your venue, set up licensing and set off the fireworks, making it so you can enjoy your event. Check out their display from a couple of weeks ago!