1925213_10152773406630421_2539929252169713987_n (photo credit Janelle Rodriguez Photography)


This package is for the busy bride and groom that would like us to make their wedding special. If you have a limited amount of time to spend visiting sites, scheduling and making appointments with prospective vendors, negotiating contracts all the while tracking your budget, let us do it for you with this package. You will have unlimited consultations via phone, email and face- to- face. We will address everything, budget, color pallets, location, vendor selection and negotiation, food and drink pairings, décor, accommodations for guests, wedding day scheduling, etc. Let us truly make your day effortless.


This package is for the month before the wedding. You have done the majority of the planning yourself but would like help with the last minute details. All the overwhelming little nuances that come into play, setting up schedules, coordinating with vendors and the venue etc. We will oversee the month of your wedding and wedding day events to ensure the wedding of your dreams.


The Ruby package is for the day before and day of the big event. Our team will be on hand to make sure all goes according to plan. We will guide you, your wedding party, and your family throughout the entire day while adhering to the timeline schedule. Special attention will be spent on all the details that will allow you and your family to relax and enjoy your special day.


This package allows brides and grooms to customize the capacity of assistance they need. We will meet with you and share our knowledge and expertise on an hourly basis.

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